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Digital Nomad/Remote Salaried Employment Visa


  • Current passport with at least 3 months residual validity beyond the intended return date.
  • Hard copy of Australian driver’s license or other proof of address in ACT, Queanbeyan and Cooma.
  • Printed and completed visa application form. For long stay visa, for more than 90 days, please download and fill up National visa application form (click here). For short stay visa, up to 90 days, please download and fill up Schengen Visa application form (click here).
  • Previous experience of at least six months in the context of the work activity to be carried out as a digital nomad or remote worker.



  • One passport-size photo.
  • Hard copy of passport’s front page.
  • Hard-copy of valid return ticket, or proof of sufficient funds to purchase one.
  • Proof of socio-economic status (choose one or more options – if applicable):

Option 1 – Bachelor degree, or higher, or a professional certificate. If you have diplomas or certificates obtained from schools or universities situated in ACT you need also a declaration of value (click here  for more information and to know how to get it. If your diplomas or certificates have been issued in another state in Australia or another country, please contact the relevant Consular Office);

Option 2 – Possession of a higher professional qualification, attested by at least five years of professional experience. As supporting evidence, please provide:

    • If self-employed: trade/business license + tax assessment for the last five financial years. A statement of business registration issued by the Australian Business Register, with all the company information;
    • If employed, previous contracts + pay slips (at least 2 for each year) and stamped letter, with company letter head and logo, from the employer with description of the experiences achieved within the company and indication of the starting and ending dates of the employment relationship;

Option 3 – In case of applicants who hold one of the professions listed here – the qualification must be assessed by the competent Italian authorities, as listed in Legislative Decree No. 206 of November 6, 2007, before the visa application has been submitted.

Option 4 – Proof of three years of relevant professional experience gained in the seven years prior to the application submission, proving that the applicant is a manager or specialist in the information and communication technologies field.

  • The applicant must have a minimum annual income deriving from lawful sources not less than three times the minimum level required for exemption from participation in health care costs.
  • Proof of travel insurance (choose one or more options – if applicable) to cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment or death. Minimum cover must be of EUR 30,000:

Option 1 – Must provide also Certificate of Insurance with Table of Benefits or Product Disclosure Statement;

Option 2 – If using travel insurance through a Credit Card provider, provide Certificate of Insurance from the bank + confirmation letter from the bank confirming eligibility + proof that the eligibility criteria has been fulfilled + copy of credit card.

  • Only for “remote salaried employment” visa applicant, proof of remote employment

contract with the indication of role, date of employment, salary (Employment income must be equal at least 33.000 EUR per year).

  • Only for “remote salaried employment” visa applicant, original stamped letter, with

company letter head and logo, from local employer, accompanied by a copy of a valid photo ID, certifying the absence of convictions against him, in the last five years, as per art. 22, paragraph 5-bis, of Italian “Testo Unico sull’Immigrazione” (Legislative Decree 25 July 1998, n. 286).

  • The applicant must provide a lease agreement registered with the Italian taxation Office (Agenzia delle Entrate)



Ways to apply
Applicants are required to apply in person at the Embassy. Visa applications are not processed in Italy. All visa requirements are to be satisfied during the visa interview and documents must be produced in hard copy. If you are not able to complete any part of your application form, we can help you on the day of your appointment.

Methods of payment
All visa fees are payable with EFPOS / Credit card.

Residence permit
Within 8 working days from entering Italy, National visa-holders need to apply for a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) from the local Police station (Questura). For further information click here.